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Media Monitoring Project. Children’s Participation Workshops. Interim Report on Workshop 1

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Media Monitoring Project, Parklands

The Media Monitoring Project (MMP), with support from UNICEF and Save the Children Sweden, is involved in a project to monitor how children are represented in the news media. The monitoring process will culminate in an advocacy and training process for news media professionals. In line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that children have a right to participate in issues that affect them it is appropriate that children are involved in this monitoring and advocacy project. Children’s participation has been built into the project at 3 stages. Children will: be involved in developing monitoring indicators for the MMP monitoring process; undertake their own monitoring; participate in the advocacy process resulting from the monitoring. This will include presentations to media professionals.This report focuses on the first stage of children’s participation, namely, the workshops held with children to develop monitoring indicators. The report makes recommendations on how MMP could monitor children’s representation in the news media.

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