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Save the Children Spain

This report highlights the need for an integral law on violence against children that identifies all forms of violence against children and promotes prevention policies. It attempts to generate a much needed debate in Spain that will lead to the adoption of a law with integrated protection measures to prevent all forms of violence against children – from physical and psychological violence to sexual exploitation, bullying, “grooming” and institutional abuse. Violence against children has remained a hidden reality for too long and is poorly documented. Only a small proportion of all acts of violence against children is reported. The lack of good data and research inhibits proper planning and policy-making – better data on the extent and effects of violence against children is critical in order to strengthen government action for prevention and response to violence. The 2009 data presented in the report show that neglect was the most common form of child maltreatment in Spain – representing 78% of reported child abuse cases – followed by reports of physical or mental violence and sexual violence. Information provided by the Interior Ministry shows that only in 2006 a total of 18 152 minors were victims of different forms of abuse. Save the Children calls upon all governments to commit to end all forms of violence against children as a matter of urgency and contribute to strengthening national child protection systems that include the elimination of violence as a priority goal.

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