Mapping and Analysis of Children’s Participation

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Save the Children

For more than two decades Save the Children has been a pioneer supporting girls and boys to learn about their rights, to express their views, and to participate in action and decision making processes on issues that affect their lives. In 2007, Save the Children Sweden undertook an analysis of children’s participation working methods and materials, and identified gaps and recommendations for moving forward. Eight years later and as a result of several organizational changes, including the transition to Save the Children International, Save the Children Sweden has initiated a new mapping and analysis process of child participation.

The mapping and analysis of children’s participation was undertaken in 18 countries and/or regional programs which are priority countries for Save the Children Sweden. The process has identified some advancement in Save the Children’s work to promote and support children’s participation rights; while also identifying significant challenges, both within the external environment and internally within the organisation which hinder success.

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