The Many Faces of Exclusion: End of Childhood Report 2018

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Save the Children International,Save the Children US

1.2 billion children are threatened by conflict, widespread poverty or discrimination against girls.

In commemoration of International Children’s Day, Save the Children releases its second annual End of Childhood Index, taking a hard look at the events that rob children of their childhoods and prevent them from reaching their full potential. 

Compared to last year, the index finds the overall situation for children appears more favorable in 95 of 175 countries. This is good news – it shows that investments and policies are working to lift up many of our children. But the index also shows progress is not happening fast enough, and conditions appear considerably worse in about 40 countries. Lost childhoods are increasingly concentrated among the poorest children and children affected by conflict. These conditions tend to exacerbate gender bias and increase negative experiences that end childhood for girls.

This year, the greatest threats to the 1.2 billion at-risk children are listed as:

1. Poverty – Affecting 1 billion children living in poverty-ridden countries.

2. Conflict and Fragility – Affecting 240 million children living in conflict-affected or fragile states

3. Discrimination against Girls – Affecting 575 million girls in countries characterized by gender discrimination

Read more about the End of Childhood Index by clicking here.

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