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Manual for Screening Cambodian Children for Disabilities

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Save the Children

At least 10% of any population in the world has some degree of functional limitation (disability) according to the World Health Organization (2011). The presence of Disabilities is one of the main reasons for adult under employment and why children either do not enroll in school or attend regularly. Or if they do attend, fall behind in school and ultimately drop out. This manual provides detailed information on the various steps, methods, and process of screening children for disabilities in the Cambodian context.

Identifying people with Disabilities is the first step in a long process to assisting the individual to overcome these limitations to the extent possible. The types of disabilities that can be identified through this screening process are difficulties in seeing, hearing, remembering, moving and communicating and to some extent behaving normally. The reason for identifying children and adults with Disabilities is to provide required assistance at the youngest age possible in order to maximize rehabilitation potential.

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