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Manual for Child Rights Programming with a focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

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Save the Children Sweden

The information contained in this training manual has been developed with the aims to introduce and guide partner organizations to Child Rights programming (CRP), and to provide session plans for basics on CRP with a focus on sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR). It is based on the training of trainers (TOT) of CRP conducted in September 2011 for the EC SRHR project, led by Save the Children Sweden Regional office MENA. The manual covers activities for about 3 days and includes a total of 8 sessions:

Session 1: Introduction;

Session 2: Childhood and child centeredness; 

Session 3: CRC and CRP;

Session 4: Analysing root causes of children’s situation;

Session 5: Duty bearers and CRSA development;

Session 6: Planning your program;

Session 7: Child participation and rights programming;

Session 8: Project implementation and learning from the SRHR project.

Two key resources that are the basis for all the exercises within the manual are attached to this guide. This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union.

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