The Little Jab Book:18 behavioral science strategies for increasing vaccination uptake

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Busara Center for Behavioral Economics,Common Thread,Save the Children International

While the COVID-19 vaccines have given the world hope that the pandemic’s end is in sight, we now face another challenge:  ensuring enough people actually get vaccinated to quell the disease.  The Little Jab Book provides 18 strategies – derived from the behavioral sciences – that can be applied to increase uptake throughout the vaccination process.  The Little Jab Book also includes a primer on important formative research to conduct, and barriers to consider, before adapting the strategies for the reader’s own context.  Led by Save the Children’s Center for Utilizing Behavioral Insights for Children (CUBIC), the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, and Common Thread, The Little Jab Book highlights case studies from previous vaccination programs around the world, and is based on interviews and insights from a dozen global behavioral science and health experts.

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