Literacy Boost Kapilvastu, Nepal: Baseline Report 2012

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Save the Children

Save the Children (SC) began sponsorship-funded programming in the western Kapilvastu district of Nepal in 2010 where children and families had a high level of need and low performance in most child-focused development indicators of education and health status. In partnership with the local NGO Sunshine Social Development Organization (SSDO), SC works in 15 schools serving a predominantly Awadhi-speaking population on basic education interventions that support SMC capacity building and teacher training on active learning and continuous assessment.

From these interventions, the five Literacy Boost schools have active child clubs, relatively strong support from the school management, and engaged community members, but a situation analysis found that none of the children in 11 schools visited could read or write a word correctly in either Nepali or Awadhi, leading to this baseline assessment in five sponsorship and five comparison schools were identified from non-sponsorship sites which shared key characteristics such as size.

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