Literacy Boost Kailali, Nepal: Year 1 Report

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Save the Children

Save the Children’s Literacy Boost (LB) program was implemented as a pilot program in Kailali, a district in the far-western region of Nepal, in April 2009, the start of the school year. The program was implemented in 16 schools and approximately 52 communities located in Bouniya and Kotatilsipur village development communities (VDCs), in partnership with Backward Society Education (BASE).

The Literacy Boost program aims to strengthen children’s skills in learning to read and reading to learn. Literacy Boost views reading as a complex process that integrates the use of text, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Many of these skills can be assessed quickly and easily. As a result, Literacy Boost is a program built on evidence gathered by regular assessments that track the progress and identify needs of the program’s efforts to help children learn to read.

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