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Listen To Us: Girls’ and boys’ gendered experiences of the conflict in eastern Ukraine

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Save the Children Canada,Save the Children International,Save the Children Ukraine

Since 2014, an armed conflict has been ongoing in eastern Ukraine. An estimated 5.2 million people are affected by the conflict. This study aims to help fill a gap in evidence concerning the gendered impact of the conflict on boys and girls of different ages. Children’s experiences are different to those of adults, and factors such as gender and age contribute to varied experiences of children themselves. We believe that children are the experts in their own lives, and as such are capable of articulating their own experiences, needs and solutions. Therefore, this assessment (conducted in 2019) consulted with boys and girls between the ages of 3-17-years old, as well as adults, in order to better understand how conflict is shaping the lives of children in eastern Ukraine.

The findings section of the report is split into four sections, aimed at

  1. Exploring social norms, expectations and gender roles, and how these shape children’s lives;
  2. Analysing the effects of the conflict on children’s ability to attain their rights;
  3. Looking at the coping strategies adopted by children to handle life in conflict, and;
  4. Understanding what children think the future holds for them.

The report closes with recommendations, including from children themselves.

In addition to the full report, we have shared the two summaries created to share the findings with children – a four-page report for adolescent children and a colouring sheet for younger children. We are grateful for the support of Inshra Sakhawat Russell ( for her illustrations in the younger children’s summary.

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Children affected by armed conflict

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