Línea de base sobre concepciones, actitudes y prácticas de madres, padres y maestros respecto al castigo físico y humillante en los territorios de intervención de Save The Children Nicaragua

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Save the Children Nicaragua

Violence against children and adolescents is a major problem in Nicaragua and often takes the form of physical and humiliating punishment from fathers, mothers, and other adults. This study reveals that 34.4% of women aged 15 to 49 who have children are using physical punishment against them.

A Save the Children survey, conducted in 2006/2007, also revealed that 51% of boys and girls aged 10-12 and 62% of adolescents 13-17 had suffered some form of psychological violence in their homes in the six months preceding the survey.

This report presents an analysis of the findings from these two surveys. The three objectives were: to describe the attitudes and conceptions of the adults interviewed about corporal punishment of children and adolescents; to identify practices and frequency of corporal punishment and other humiliating forms by adults towards children and adolescents; to identify factors associated with attitudes of acceptance and use of physical and humiliating punishment.

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