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Learning is a Lifeline: Protect education for all Afghan children

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Save the Children Afghanistan,Save the Children International

All children must be afforded equal opportunity to receive a quality, inclusive and accessible education. On the 18thSeptember 2021, it was announced by the de-factoleadership in Afghanistan that secondary schools in Afghanistan will be reopening, but only for boys, and only with male teachers. It was stated at the time that this is a temporary measure until such a time when senior leadership has developed a policy on women and girl’s involvement in the education system that would ensure that school would be a safe environment for the girl, it is unclear when that policy will be set and if it will allow girls to return to school. What is clear, is that girls’ Education cannot wait. Without access to school, girls will be left behind and made more vulnerable without a safe space to learn amongst their peers. 


The education system in Afghanistan is highly dependent on donor funding – the reduction of donor funding has created a significant funding gap. These developments put considerable gains on children’s access to Education, particularly girls’ Education at risk. The Policy Brief highlights how it is essential that donors continue and expand immediate and lifesaving aid to children and their families. Education and early learning must be recognised as lifesaving and be a core part of development assistance, emergency response and humanitarian action.

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