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Learn without Fear. The Global Campaign to End Violence in Schools

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Plan International

Violence is an outrageous violation of children’s fundamental rights. Education is supposed to unlock children’s potential, not condemn them to an uncertain and vulnerable future.The report shows that: Girls as young as 10 are being forced to have sex by their teachers to pass exams, and threatened with poor grades and failure if they refuse.Every year, more than 350,000,000 children suffer some type of violence in school. That’s equivalent to more than the entire population of the United States. 90 countries continue to allow teachers to legally use corporal punishment and laws in countries that do ban it are often poorly enforced. Violence in schools ruins the one real chance of a better and more prosperous life for many children, and denies the communities and countries of a vital national asset. And all this is going on everyday, everywhere in schools that are supposed to nurture and protect children. All violence against children is preventable. It does not need to happen.

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