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La iniciativa de los principios sobre los derechos de la infancia y las empresas. Resumen Ejecutivo sobre el esquema de los vínculos entre las empresas y los derechos de la infancia

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This Executive Summary has been prepared to frame the development of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP), a joint initiative by UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children that seeks to outline the full range of actions that business can take to respect and support children’s rights. There will be a round of international consultations engaging diverse audiences across all regions prior to the release of the final set of Principles in November 2011. This Summary focuses on identifying the links between business and child rights rather than on giving detailed guidance on what business can do to respect and support children’s rights. It first provides an outline of key aspects of children’s rights and then explores the scope of business responsibility towards children, focusing not only on the ‘minimum’ standards for business in terms of ensuring that no child is harmed by their actions, but also on actions which go beyond this minimum and can help to create value for children, communities and business. It then examines critical points where business and children’s rights interact focusing on seven key areas: 1. Children’s rights and corporate governance; 2. Workplace; 3. Supply chain; 4. Products and services; 5. Environment and resources; 6.Community investment; 7.Engaging with governments, children and other stakeholders.

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