Keeping children out of harmful institutions – Why we should be investing in family-based care

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Save the Children UK

One of the biggest myths is that children in orphanages are there because they have no parents. This is not the case. Most are there because their parents simply can’t afford to feed, clothe and educate them. For governments and donors, placing children in institutions is often seen as the most straightforward solution. This report sheds new light on the use of institutional care for children. It examines the latest evidence of the harm that institutional care can cause to children. It explores why governments and donors continue to prioritise institutional care, despite the harm it can cause. And, finally, it argues for a range of interventions to support children within their own families and communities, and for family and community-based alternatives for those children needing care outside of their own families. This report was co-produced by Save the Children UK and the Save the Children Child Protection Initiative and is the flagship report for the Children without Appropriate Care key priority area.

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