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Keep It Real: Youth-centered sexuality education teacher training guide

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Save the Children

The Keep It Real Project intends to deliver youth-centered comprehensive sexuality education to young people in school and out of school in Uganda and Ethiopia. The project is implemented by Save the Children International and partners. In Uganda, the local partners are Straight Talk Foundation in the North, Action for Community Transformation (ACODEV) in Kampala and Restless Development for youth-led advocacy.

The Keep It Real Project aims to increase by 32% very young adolescents (10-14) and youth (15-19 and 20-24 years) in North (Agago & Nwoya Districts) and Kampala that are better informed about their SRH and thus able to make healthier choices regarding their sexuality.

It will be implemented in 250 primary and secondary schools in the North and in Kampala, as well as with 100 out of school youth groups. This resource comprises the training guide of the project intended for teacher use.

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