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Juvenile Justice Training Manual: Facilitator’s guide and participant’s materials

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PRI, Penal Reform International,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

This manual has been developed as part of a joint UNICEF and Penal Reform International (PRI) effort to sensitize and strengthen the capacity of the various actors involved in the area of juvenile justice, in particular UNICEF staff and their governmental and non-governmental counterparts. It aims to provide guidance for organizing juvenile justice training. The key message of the materials is to encourage the development of an effective juvenile justice system that safeguards the rights of the child and leads to the use of diversion approaches at all stages and by all actors. The manual tries to provide practical programmatic approaches to juvenile justice which from a protection standpoint will focus on tackling over-reliance on deprivation of liberty. It does not specifically address juvenile delinquency prevention. However, it recognizes that the aim of a juvenile justice system, as described throughout the modules, is also to prevent offending and re-offending. The manual’s primary emphasis is to encourage that from arrest onwards children are dealt with in accordance with international standards. 

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