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Journey of Life Community Workshops to Support Children Manual 1: Awareness workshops

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REPSSI, Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative

The Journey of Life series helps communities to support both caregivers and children in need. With individual and community resources often stretched to the breaking point by war, violence, natural disasters, HIV and AIDS, people need the information and skills to be able to plan a course of action. These workshops encourage reflection, dialogue and action among children, caregivers, and concerned members of the community.

The Journey of Life series is for all people who interact with children. This includes caregivers, parents, classmates, friends, religious and traditional leaders, and various professionals such as police, teachers, nurses and doctors. Rather than train a select group of counselors or community workers, the Journey of Life involves all those who have an impact on the daily lives of children.

Included in Manual 1 are:

  1. The Facilitator’s Guide.
  2. The Journey of Life.
  3. The Journey of Life for Children.
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