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The Joint Education Needs Assessment Toolkit

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Global Education Cluster

This Joint Education Needs Assessment Toolkit has been developed by the Global Education Cluster to enable Education Cluster staff and partners in the field to: Undertake preparedness planning for emergency assessments; Collectively design and conduct an education needs assessment (rapid and/or comprehensive); Generate reliable, comprehensive and timely information needed to guide effective inter-agency education in emergencies responses; Highlight immediate, critical education issues and ensure effective coordination across education partners in an emergency. The toolkit offers a common language, agreed-upon data to collect across education actors and recommended methods for data collection and analysis in rapid and comprehensive joint education needs assessments. This publication accompanies The Short Guide to Rapid Joint Education Needs Assessments. The short guide consolidates and simplifies the critical information related to needs assessment in this toolkit. It is designed for easy reference when carrying out rapid joint education needs assessments, either as part of multi-cluster assessments or education-specific needs assessments.

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