“It is very painful to talk about”: Impact of attacks on education on women and girls

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GCPEA, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack

In conflict zones across the world, children’s access to education are profoundly undermined by attacks on education and military use of schools. This have devastating impacts on all children, but boys and girls often face different risks. This requires different responses in order to support their recovery and return to education.  

Girl students and female teachers are often specifically targeted during attacks on schools. Bombings, abductions, rape, forced marriage and other types of gender-based violence were directed at women and girls in schools in 18 countries from 2014 to 2018. During the same period, armed actors were responsible for sexual violence in or in proximity to schools in at least 17 countries.  

This report presents key findings from a multi-country study on the impact of attacks on education on the lives of women and girls. 

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