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IOM Data Protection Manual

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IOM, International Organization for Migration

Data protection continues to be a growing field in the context of international organizations. It is also a necessary consideration at national and regional level given the increased use of advanced technology in migration management, data theft, data loss, and unnecessary or inappropriate use and disclosure of sensitive data. While there exists vast literature on data protection, there is limited guidance on protecting personal data in the context of migration. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is pleased to make available its data protection manual. The manual is comprised of three parts: the first part outlines the IOM data protection principles as informed by relevant international standards; the second part includes comprehensive guidelines on each principle, consideration boxes and practical examples; and the third part provides generic templates and checklists to ensure that data protection is taken into account when collecting and processing personal data. Although the content of this publication was developed for IOM use, it can be used as a resource tool by other organizations engaging in similar operations.

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