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An introduction to advocacy. Training Guide

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SARA, Support for Analysis and Research in Africa

This training guide introduces the concept of advocacy and provides a framework for developing an advocacy campaign. Although the guide is designed for a workshop setting, it can be used as a self-teaching device as well. Divided into twelve modules, the guide presents general information; however, the participant must use his or her own experience to answer questions related to the module’s topics—this forms the essence of the advocacy training. The first module explores the concepts of advocacy, politics, etc., and is followed by a module on using data to identify policy issues and solutions. The next module describes criteria to consider in selecting an advocacy objective and is followed by a session on identifying key decision makers and understanding their positions around the objective. Next, creating and delivering advocacy messages are examined as well as targeting the messages to different audiences who can influence the decision-making process. Skills for meeting with decision-makers and for building and maintaining coalitions are clearly outlined in this guide. Finally, the guide outlines procedures for evaluating advocacy efforts and raising funds and resources to support advocacy. The last two modules define terms and list resources used in this guide.

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