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International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour: Mobilising Save the Children on child labour

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Save the Children

This one-pager presents a collection of outputs as a result of implementing Save the Children’s pledge during the 2021 International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour:

In 2021, Save the Children will intensify its programming and advocacy to keep children safe from child labour and getting children safely back to school and learning. We will do this by focusing on the link between child protection and social protection systems and measures, supply chain monitoring and remediation mechanisms, while capturing and sharing learnings and promoting the best interests of the child.

These efforts will form Save the Children’s contribution to ending child labour in all its forms by 2025.

With the above Pledge, Save the Children mobilised the movement on child labour in all relevant thematic areas and promoted the integration of a child labour lens into its strategy, new and existing tools, research proposals, reports, and advocacy. The pledge provided numerous outputs and made a significant contribution to progressing Save the Children’s work on child labour. It has further strengthened Save the Children’s ability to better support families and help children to live their life in dignity with education and protection, free of harmful work.

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