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International Adaptation Toolkit: A guide and open source resources for tackling online sexual harassment in your country

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Childnet,Kék Vonal,Save the Children Denmark,UCLan

Project deSHAME is a collaboration between Childnet (UK), Kék Vonal (Hungary), Save the Children (Denmark) and UCLan (UK). The International Adaptation Toolkit came about from the just finalized pan-European project deSHAME, which has run since 2017-2021, with two consecutive projects. One aimed at teachers, professionals and teens aged 13-17 years, and the second aimed at teachers, parents and children and young people aged 9-12 years.

The name deSHAME is an abbreviation of Digital Exploitation and Sexual Harassment Among Minors in Europe, which directly links to the project’s aim:

  • Increase reporting of online sexual harassment amongst children and young people and improve multi-sector cooperation in preventing and responding to this behaviour.
  • Support and empower teachers and the wider community to effectively prevent and respond to online sexual harassment and unhealthy online behaviour amongst children.

The main objective of Project deSHAME is to deliver positive results for children, parents, teachers and wider that will produce concrete benefits promoting the rights of the child.

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