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Interim Technical Note: Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) during COVID-19 response

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CHS Alliance, Core Humanitarian Standard Alliance,IASC, Inter-Agency Standing Committee,InterAction,IOM, International Organization for Migration,OCHA, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs,UN Victim's Rights Advocate,UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund,UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund,WFP, United Nations World Food Programme,WHO, World Health Organization

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global public health, social and economic crisis. With restrictions on travel ad movement, civil society and humanitarian organizations play a critical role in supporting authorities to respond.

All people should remain safe from sexual exploitation and abuse while receiving humanitarian aid. As seen in previous public health crises, women and children in particular face heightened protection risks. Children are at particular risk when school closures interrupt crucial services and interventions. Greater difficulties in accessing health services, as well as increased burden and separation from caregivers, may lead to sexual exploitation and violence against children, including forced marriage. 

This interim guidance highlights how protection from sexual exploitation and violence can be integrated into the response to COVID-19. 

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