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Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies – Operational Guidance for Emergency Relief Staff and Programme Managers

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IFE, Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Core Group

The aim of this document is to provide concise, practical (but non technical) guidance on how to ensure appropriate infant and young child feeding in emergencies. A number of elements are also applicable in non-emergency settings. The Operational Guidance focuses especially on infants and young children under 2 years of age and their caregivers, recognising their particular vulnerability in emergencies.
It is intended for emergency relief staff and programme managers of all agencies working in emergency programmes, including national governments, United Nations (UN) agencies, national and international non-government organisations (NGOs), and donors. It applies in emergency situations in all countries, and extends to non-emergency situations, particularly in the interest of emergency preparedness. This document (Tool 37) is part of the Child Care Toolkit for Emergency and Post Emergency Response (ACE Toolkit), designed to facilitate the process of planning for and implementing interim care and related services for children separated from or unable to live with their families during an emergency.

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