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The Impact of Violence on Children’s Lives: A snapshot of Latin America and the Caribbean

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Save the Children International

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) faces very high levels of violence towards children and adolescents. In recent years, there has been a spike of violence, particularly involving boys – homicides often linked to gang activities and the migration of unaccompanied children. Sexual exploitation often linked to human trafficking is also widespread across the region especially amongst girls. Both the immediate and long-term physical and psychological consequences of such violence are serious and affect the wellbeing of children and adolescents, their community and at a national and regional level, impede economic opportunity and development.

The overall regional priority of Save the Children is to ensure all children and adolescents are protected from all forms of violence, especially sexual violence and corporal and humiliating punishment, by the promotion and adoption of positive discipline techniques by parents, teachers and other caregivers at home and school.

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