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How you can support your child during bombing

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CP AOR, Child Protection Area of Responsibility,Global Protection Cluster

This resource contains tips on child emotional support, stress reduction, and physical safety during active bombings.


• Try to remain as positive as possible. Children read in your behavior what is going on. You do not always have to remain ‘strong’; you are already doing the best you can. Engage in selfcare, self-compassion, and express positive emotions.

• Hug your children if they want and allow children to ‘nestle in’ on your lap.

• Sing together childhood songs. It gives a sense of security.

• Avoid open conflict and confrontation among friends and family.

• Accept the way your child feels whatever emotions they show.

• The more you obtain support from others, the better you will be able to help your kids.

• Pray together with your child if you believe in a god or spirituality.

• Do not encourage feelings of angriness or revenge in your children. This would only increase anxiety in your child(ren).

• For adolescents, ensure to balance between treating them as adults (telling the truth, sharing your thoughts with them, giving responsibility) but also allowing them to ask for support.

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