Household Economic Strengthening in Support of Prevention of Family-Child Separation and Children’s Reintegration in Family Care

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FHI 360, Family Health International 360

This report is intended to act as an information resource, a collection of the latest research, programmes, findings and outcomes, within the realm of household economic strengthening (HES), family-child separation, and family care.

Child protection and economic strengthening practitioners are hoped to benefit from this report that draws on contemporary literature reviews, studies, program reports, and other resource documents. The following questions are addressed and lead discussion for further research and development:

  • What causes family-child separation?
  • What do prevention of family-child separation and reintegration of children in family care programs look like and what economic interventions do they include?
  • What is the state of evidence about HES and other economic interventions in support of preventing separation and reintegrating children in family care?
  • What can programs aimed at preventing separation and reintegrating children in family care learn from programs that involve economic activities to improve outcomes for vulnerable children?

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