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Home-based Psychosocial Wellbeing Activities for Children, Teens and Parents

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Save the Children International

This guide aims to increase children’s resilience and wellbeing through activities that can be done in the home with a little support form parents and caregivers. The activities outlined in this book will support stress management, emotional learning, creativity, parent/caregiver – child relationships, relaxation and problem-solving techniques, allowing open discussions around difficulties while also increasing individual capacity to cope in fun and creative ways.

Stress can be caused by many things – personal challenges (e.g. conflict with a loved one; being alone; loss of income; worries about the future) or major threats in your community (e.g. disease, conflict or natural disasters).

This guide is for anyone who experiences stress. The activities included are simple and fun. Many you may already know and love without ever having considered why. This guide is meant to support children and families to take care of themselves and each other during difficult times and when access to specialized support might be limited. This guide provides ideas, skills and techniques for children and families to refer to in times of need, and as regular exercises to improve and support emotional and psychosocial wellbeing.

The resources required to implement the activities outlined in this guide are limited. Most activities require few resources, if any. Where resources are required, use your imagination! You can recycle or repurpose old or unwanted household items.

Please always respect the rules and laws of your country under Covid19- or any other emergency when trying the activities outlined in this book.

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