History and Citizenship Education in the North Africa and the Middle East. Special Report Issue 7

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EUROCLIO, European Association of History Educators

A new Special Report (Issue 7) entitled “History and Citizenship Education in the Middle East and North Africa” has been published by EUROCLIO, within the Mediterranean Dialogues programme which focusses on the promotion of responsible and innovative history education in North Africa and the Middle East and is supported by the Open Society Foundations Education Support Programme and the Anna Lindh Foundation. As part of this programme EUROCLIO brought together 20 history and citizenship educators from Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Turkey, and Tunisia in a seminar “Responsible and Innovative History and Citizenship Education in North Africa and the Middle East – Stock Taking and Ways Ahead” on 4 April 2012 in Antalya, Turkey, during the 19th EUROCLIO Annual Professional Training and Development Conference “Looking at History through a Variety of Lenses”. This report focuses on the seminar proceedings and the recommendations made during this event.

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