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Healing and Recovering Through Education in Emergencies

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Save the Children

Humanitarian emergencies and protracted crises currently affect millions of children around the world with serious consequences for their ability to learn, grow and develop. Children are especially vulnerable in conflict situations to “toxic stress”, with potential lifelong impacts to their ability to learn, grow and develop. Education Cannot Wait investments have the potential to address the significant gap in MHPSS for the millions of children affected by conflict. The emerging partnership between Education Cannot Wait and the Collaborative for Child and Family Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (the MHPSS Collaborative) aims to ensure children affected by conflict can access opportunities for healing, recovery and learning in safe and nurturing educational environments. Education Cannot Wait, together with the MHPSS Collaborative and its partners, are calling on governments, donors, private sector companies, philanthropic foundations and global leaders to support our efforts to increase the provision and quality of MHPSS via education in emergencies with $10 million in dedicated financing to be channelled through Education Cannot Wait.

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