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Guide for working with Roma families towards achieving the success of their children in school. A transnational methodological proposal

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This guide has been the product of the transnational project “Roma Families Get Involved: transnational methodology for working with Roma families towards their children´s success in education”. 

The involvement of the family in the education of children has been found to be critical to educational success. Given the particularly important role of the family and the community in the Roma context, it is essential to increase the awareness of Roma families regarding the consequences of early school leaving for their children in terms of their personal development as well as their social and economic integration for the future. It is especially relevant to work with Roma families the permanence in the educational system of the Roma girls, who are most affected by the high early school leaving rates. 
The guide  pretends to contribute to improving the educational situation of Roma across Europe by engaging Roma parents more actively. To this end, the project has created from a transnational perspective, a practical methodological guide to help professionals working on the ground to involve Roma families in the educational processes of their children. The authors hope this guide will be found useful by professionals working in the field of education of Roma in its transfer into different European contexts.

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