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Guide for Developing an Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Strategy

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Breakthrough Action for Social & Behavior Change,Save the Children,USAID, US Agency for International Development

This umbrella guidance document equips the governments of Burkina Faso and Niger and Resilience in the Sahel Enhanced II (RISE II) programs and implementers involved in social and behavior change (SBC) activities with access to tools and approaches to help them create and implement a robust SBC program. It does not proscribe how each partner develops its strategy, but provides guidance to help develop an effective SBC strategy. It offers suggestions and opportunities for RISE II projects to coordinate and create linkages related to SBC with one another, but more importantly, engages the national ministries of health to help assure that SBC systems that are activated are synchronized with the national objectives.

This document builds from the FOCUS tool developed by Save the Children under the Gates-funded Saving Newborn Lives project to create an easy-to-use reference document available in print and electronic versions with clear, short chapters. Each chapter includes a short introduction, some information tailored to USAID partners, and how-to tips with references to existing SBC modules, tools, and materials for further information and study.

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