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Guide de l’Animateur : Formation sur la prise en compte du Genre dans la provision des services de santé

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Save the Children Canada

The purpose of this facilitation guide is to support child rights organizations in their work on gender-sensitive health programs. The training sessions are designed to facilitate the participation of health professionals in this discussion, both the exploration of the gender concept and the identification of relevant information for their work Health professionals include doctors, pharmacists, biologists, midwives, patent and auxiliary midwives, nurses Head of Health and Social Promotion Center (CSPS), Community Health Workers (CHWs), etc.

This guide is an adaptation of the “Facilitator’s Guide for the Training of Community Health Workers in Mali on Gender”, produced by Save the Children in 2013. Malian version of the guide adapted to the context of Burkina Faso in order to meet the requirements and particularities of the local context and the CLW project, especially as regards exclusive breastfeeding.

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