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Guidance on Market Based Programming for Humanitarian WASH Practitioners

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AAH, Action Against Hunger,CaLP, The Cash Learning Partnership,CRS, Catholic Relief Services,German Toilet Organization,German WASH Network,Global WASH Cluster,NRC, Norwegian Refugee Council,Oxfam International,PAH, Polska Akcja Humanitarna,Save the Children UK

The purpose of this document is to provide practical guidance in preparedness, assessment, program design, implementation and monitoring related to Market-Based Programming (MBP) in humanitarian WASH assistance, and more specifically on:

  • How to identify linkages between markets and WASH services & goods;
  • How market-based programming can complement and improve WASH programming;
  • How to conduct a WASH market assessment;
  • The key implementation steps & considerations for WASH Market-Based Programming;
  • How Cash & Voucher Assistance (CVA) can be integrated into Market-Based Programming;
  • The key existing documents, tools, and resources for further information


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