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Growth and Changes

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Swahili, Khmer,Amharic,Oromifa,Tigrinya,Twi,Malagasy


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Grow and Know

“Growth and Changes” and “To Become a Young Man” are child-friendly booklets developed to teach girls and boys about the bodily changes that occur during adolescence. Growth and Changes,  which caters to girls, covers questions related to puberty, menstruation, PMS, how to deal with the changes, myths about puberty and girls’ personal stories of puberty. To Become a Young Man, which caters to boys, covers questions about puberty, erections, relations to girls, how to deal with these changes, myths about puberty, and boys’ personal stories of puberty.

The booklets have been produced for different national audiences and are available in their corresponding languages, note that all books are dual-language with English (besides the book in Malagasy):

Tanzania: Swahili

Cambodia: Khmer

Ethiopia: Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrinya (additional booklets in Afar, Nuer, Majang, Af-Somali, and Agnuak will be made available by contacting the author.)

Ghana: Twi

Madagascar: Malagasy


To learn more about the publications. please visit the Grow and Know website here.

The books have been shared with the permission of the publisher, Grow and Know Inc.

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