Grand Bargain Quality Funding Caucus Concludes with New Funding Commitments

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IASC, Inter-Agency Standing Committee

In July 2022, several humanitarian actors made new commitments to improve the quality and amount of humanitarian funding. These build upon prior commitments made with the establishment of the Grand Bargain in 2016, as well as a growing  body of research and evidence demonstrating the efficiency gains multi-year funding can bring, particularly to frontline implementers.

The caucus has now concluded, with major bilateral donors, UN agencies, NGOs and local actors unanimously endorsing a final Outcome Document that details commitments around increases in multi-year funding, transparency in data reporting, and accountability to donors and populations affected by crisis.

Caucus stakeholders made a number of commitments, including notably to:

  1. Recognize multi-year funding as a preferred funding modality, especially in protracted crises;
  2. Agree that multi-year funding should have at least some flexible arrangements to enable recipient organizations to respond efficiently and effectively;
  3. Recognize that multi-year funding should be channelled as close to the frontline as possible, and that key intermediaries like UN agencies play a central role in cascading that funding.
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