Global Accountability Report 2020: Our journey of accountability

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Save the Children International

This is Save the Children’s sixth Global Accountability Report. Over the years, we have improved the way in which we collect and use the data that informs this report and the way it is presented. In producing this report year after year, it has itself become a mechanism for accountability, as we challenge ourselves to continuously improve on our commitments to children, staff, donors and the public and the ways in which we collect, use and communicate our data.This report helps us monitor and track our global performance and is a tool with which we can be held to account.

Where data is available, this report covers the entire organisation, which in 2020 was active in 122 countries, employing around 25,000 people and reaching nearly 45 million children.Where data is not available for the entire organisation, we have made it clear which Save the Children entity the information relates to.

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