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Gender Perspective in CBCPM

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Plan Cambodia

The overall objective of this in-house study is to develop better understanding of gender perspectives in the community based child protection mechanisms at the four principal levels within CBCPMs:

  • At the roles and responsibilities level: Specific roles and responsibilities men and women are playing and undertaking in ensuring child protective measures (reflecting the role of the CBCPMs).
  • At the governance and decision making level: Involvement of women and men in CBCPM governance and decision-making processes and opportunities to have a say/take lead.
  • At the level of involving girls and boys in the CBCPMs: Involvement of girls and boys in the CBCPMs overall activities and opportunities for them to influence the action agendas.
  • Reporting and Responding to CP concerns: To what extent are the reporting and response mechanism address the concerns of girls and boys respectively
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