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Gender in Focus: A guide to implementing Photovoice within Children Lead the Way

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Save the Children Canada

Beginning in 2015, Children Lead the Way launched a Photovoice project titled Gender in Focus in two implementing countries, Bolivia and Kenya. Photovoice is a powerful participatory tool because it enables participants to share how they see the world, and key factors impacting the rights of girls, boys, women, and men through their own lens. The purpose of this project was to explore gender equality with working children and adolescents (female and male), to build their understanding of key gender considerations, learn from their perspectives and experiences and support participants in being advocates and agents for positive transformative change to address gender inequalities.

Gender in Focus aimed to:

– Use Photovoice to explore girls’ and boys’ experiences, perspectives, attitudes and ideas around gender equality, especially related to learning and livelihoods.

– Support the CLW program to carry out gender-sensitive and transformative activities.

– Ensure girls and boys have an equitable and powerful voice communicating their perspectives on gender, and in advocating for gender equality.

Gender in Focus Guide provides an overview of the approach utilized to facilitate photovoice within the program, as well as showcases photos and stories which resulted from the process. The Guide breaks down the process into 10 simple steps, to support Gender in Focus in being replicated in other projects moving forward.

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