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FRESH School Health and Nutrition (SHN) Webinar: Managing Operation and Management – what does it take to reach the SDGs for WASH in schools? March 2019

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Save the Children

Introduction to a costing tool to calculate the budget need for schools to provide the basic service level for drinking water, usable sanitation, and handwashing with soap. The tool provides school heads with an easy to manage app, which calculates the annual cost per student depending on local condition and local prices.

How much do they need to keep aside for consumables, and cleaning staff for managing each facility?

How many facilities can they properly maintain with the budget they have?

Commemorating World Water Day and its call for leaving no one behind in meeting the SDG WASH targets, we welcome colleagues from GIZ to share their newly developed mobile app that will help school administrators to safely manage their WASH facilities.


  • Bella Monse, Principal Advisor, Fit for School, Deutsche Gesellschaf für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • Ing. Ubo Pakes, Consultant, Philippines
  • Jan Schlenk, WASH Policy Advisor, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Presentation Downloads:

  1. WASH in Schools Operation and Maintenance 2017

  2. School Community Manual Indonesia 2017
  3. WASH in Schools Operation and Maintenance in Philippines, Quezon City 2017

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