Fortaleciendo la Respuesta ante Desastres en el Perú

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INDECI, Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil,Save the Children,USAID, US Agency for International Development,WFP, United Nations World Food Programme

Lecciones Aprendidas del Fenómeno El Niño Costero 2017 en el Perú aims to strengthen the response to disasters in the country and promote a useful reflection of recurrent phenomena in the context of the climate change. The objective of this research was to review the emergency management activities produced by the El Niño Costero 2017 Phenomenon, identifying and analyzing achievements, and systematizing the recommendations for the improvement of the National Disaster Risk Management System – SINAGERD and the state agencies.

The findings and recommendations of this study convince us that, if we do not strengthen the capacities to deal with disasters, we run the risk of regressing in the obtained achievements. A flood, an earthquake, or an avalanche can in a few minutes erase decades of progress and social investment.

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