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Foreldre uten filter. Ungdoms perspektiver på foreldredeling på nett

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Save the Children Norway

What do children and young people think about parents posting large amounts of pictures and information about them online? What could be the consequences of sharing pictures and sensitive information about children from a young age? How can children’s right to privacy be better protected while balancing parental responsibility and freedom of expression?

Over half of Norwegian parents have shared pictures or videos of their child online in the past 12 months. We know far less about the extent of other types of sharing of private and sensitive information about children, for example in digital discussion forums. We also know little about all the digital traces parents leave about their children in various apps and digital services used from a young age.

Only in recent years have children who have had large amounts of pictures and personal information shared online become old enough to express their views on this sharing. In this report, we allow young people to share their perspectives on what they consider acceptable to share and what they find problematic.

The report is based on focus group interviews with 38 young people aged 15 to 18 years. This constitutes the main source of information. Additionally, we have analyzed inquiries about image sharing to the information channel and interviewed parents with experience in sharing in various online forums. We have also obtained assessments from various experts on the different forms of risks and consequences associated with extensive information sharing about children, and how they weigh children’s right to privacy against parental responsibility and freedom of expression.

Types of Parental Sharing (Sharenting)
The report addresses three different forms of parental sharing (‘sharenting’):

Sharing of pictures and videos
Sharing of sensitive information about children
Sharing of personal data

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