Föräldratelefonen och Föräldramejlen – Årsrapport 2009

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Save the Children Sweden

Annual Report for 2009 – Parental Hotline. The most usual calls to Save the Children’s Parent Hotline concern sixteen year old children, their stage of development, and about setting realistic boundaries. Parents broach sensitive topics such as violence, addiction, family mental health, and personal relations within the family unit. The experience of parents going though a divorce,custody and visitation rights, and the shelter and accommodation of children of divorced parents, are also usual conversation topics of callers to the helpline. There has been an increase in the volume of calls regarding violence, addiction and mental health during 2009, and it has become more frequent that caregivers other than a parent contact Save the Children through the Hotline. People tend to act when a child is going through a difficult time.

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