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Foot soldiers and the frontier: Community based organisations against trafficking

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Sanjog, Groupe Développement, Kolkata

This publication provides facts and trends of the cross border child trafficking that takes place between India and Bangladesh, and touches the issue of trafficking/migration of children at well known transit points for victims of trafficking in that area. The report presents the “foot soldiers” work at the field level, and their tireless efforts in protecting children from being trafficked and fall into the hands of exploitative individuals, which results in the worst forms of child labour. The programme captured in this document is part of a much larger programme, SANJOG, involved with the rehabilitation of trafficked children and children exposed to sexual exploitation, implemented by several NGOs and community-based organisations involved in anti-trafficking actions in the region. The report stresses the importance of community-based activities to counter trafficking and strengthen supportive environments for the reintegration of these children.

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