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Follow the Money: A Resource Book for Trainers on Public Expenditure Tracking in Tanzania

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The Local Government Working Group of the Policy Forum, Tanzania

A resource book for trainers on public expenditure tracking (PET) in Tanzania, prepared by civil society organizations Hakikazi Catalyst, Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA), and Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP). This manual follows public funds disbursed by central government authorities through local governments until they reach users such as schools and clinics. The manual aims to equip local governmental officials, civil society organisations and journalists with a tool to effectively participate in the budget process with a pro-poor and gender perspective. The manual describes the key features of a PET- system and explains how it can work for marginalised groups.
The manual is divided into two sections, covering the following topics:
– What is a PETS? why do we need it?
– Establishing a PETS: basic concepts and methodology;
– Entitlements and rights: the legal and financial basis of PETS;
– District level planning and budgeting;
– Approach one: making PETS work for marginalised groups – focusing on gender;
– Approach two: focusing on community empowerment

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