FCF|REACT Cash & Livelihoods Monitoring and Evaluation Baseline (+PDM) Report

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Save the Children International

This report presents a combination of results and includes both a Baseline study for key indicators, as well as post-distribution monitoring for indicators related to the cash transfer component of the program. The results of the Baseline (+PDM) study are very positive. It is clear that the cash transfers produce significant benefits for the families as 96% of respondents think the cash is the most effective form of assistance for the family to meet their basic needs. The results are also positive in keeping the families together as the evidence points to reduced family separations since the cash transfers began. Yet, with that noted, there were still some family separations.

Currently, only 4% of respondents reported that they can fulfil all of their basic needs while 69% can only fulfil some of them and spending on children’s food and education are still major concerns for almost half of all households interviewed. Some children have had to stop their education. The hope and expectation are that continued cash and the addition of livelihoods assistance will continue to reduce or stop further separations. Some families, however, remain in a difficult position.

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