Every Last Girl: Free to live, free to learn, free from harm

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Save the Children International

Save the Children’s Every Last Child campaign is fighting to change how the world thinks about – and tackles – the exclusion millions of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged children face. Standing up for every last girl is at the heart of our campaign. Everybody the world over must recognise that girls are nobody’s property and nobody’s victims. Rather girls are the most powerful catalysts for a different world.

This report, the second in our Every Last Child series, identifies the three specific Guarantees to Girls that governments must make, and the actions that are needed:

  1. Fair finance
  2. Equal treatment
  3. Accountability

Taken together, these three Guarantees to Girls will help governments to reach the girls who are furthest behind – such as those who live in fragile and conflict-affected states, those who are on the move as refugees, those in the poorest countries and in disadvantaged regions, and those who face multiple forms of discrimination.

Realising the three Guarantees to Girls is what it will take to ensure girls are free to live, free to learn and free from harm. This report and our campaign are about how we can help promote gender equality and get power where it belongs – in the hands of every last girl.

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