Evaluation of the Youth Education Programme in southern Sudan: Executive Summary

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Save the Children Sweden

Executive summary of the findings and lessons from the Evaluation of the Youth Education Programme in Southern Sudan. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify the effects, achievements and impact of the programme.

Save the Children Sweden has been promoting a sustainable reintegration programme for vulnerable and returnee youth by implementing a youth education programme in post conflict Southern Sudan. It focused on Lakes, Jonglei and Northern Bahr el Ghazal States (NBEG), areas particularly affected by conflict and where there was little or no support at all to basic services. In Lakes State in 1999, SCS sought to respond to the needs of young people aged 14-22 years, who by virtue of their age could not go back to school; in 2001 a similar programme was initiated in Jonglei and was replicated in NBEG in 2004. The overall goal was to ensure and enhance access to education to refugee children and equip youth with both vocational and life skills that they can use for effective reintegration and development in their communities.  


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